How To Order

Please read at least the first paragraph!

This is not an eCommerce site where you can add an item to a cart and checkout! To order we ask that you email us at with which items you require along with the year and model of your car and your Zip Code. If you aren’t sure what you need please send us some pictures of your rust (in all cases we prefer pictures, but we know many already understand what they need) we’ll promptly respond with a delivered cost. If then you’d like to then order just let us know and we’ll email you an invoice to open and pay directly to place your order.

How prompt is prompt? Well it’s not days and in fact it’s most always minutes. We understand the value of your time and our computers and cell phones in the shop and offices are setup to alert us when we get an inquiry either via email, or a message from social media. In this way whoever is available generally responds VERY QUICKLY and not just during “normal business hours.” In fact, we don’t really have normal business hours – generally you can expect a response 7 days a week from morning until late evening (we are on Eastern Standard Time).

Why don’t we take credit card information online, or on the phone? Security – we are fanatical about it. We wouldn’t want a hack of our system to expose our customers SO WE NEVER HAVE YOUR CREDIT INFORMATION OUR SYSTEM. We use PayPal as our payments processor – they have the most accepted, most secure system in the market today and keep in mind YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PURCHASE. You can pay the invoice with a credit card, or debit card if you prefer with no obligation from PayPal to open an account. Simply click on the “Pay with debit or credit” button below the PayPal login when you open the invoice to pay

Not comfortable with purchasing on line? That’s not a problem either, we do accept personal checks as well as money orders. They should be made out to Belden Speed & Engineering and sent to:

Belden Speed & Engineering

PO Box 933

Williamsburg, VA 23187

Please include your shipping information and reference a quote number we give you, or provide an itemized list of your purchase with your check/money order.

To read about how we ship our products please refer to our shipping policies by CLICKING HERE, or by clicking on the Shipping button on our home page.