1972 Chevelle Rear Window Channels & Corners

We were contacted about a rear window rust problem in a 1972 Chevelle in early 2017 and the owner and his son were doing some extensive rust repair on a rather unique Chevelle. While the rear window rust repair was a minor part of this restoration, the owner was looking for a time and cost-effective solution to the problem and found us.

While we could write some additional “color” for the showcase, it seems much better to share his words and we received this after he performed his installation:

“I’m not a professional, but have built several hotrods. My son found a rare chevelle that he wanted to restore. It was in bad shape. We had to replace the cowl, floor, trunk, and both quarters. The biggest issue we had was the lower rear window corners. I figured it would take weeks to fabricate the pieces for the repair, then by dumb luck I checked out some forums on line to see how others would approach this problem and a guy said to check out Belden Speed. Turns out…Belden had the patch panels and the window channels! I couldn’t believe someone made these repair parts. The parts came with detailed install instructions and worked fantastic, saving us tons of time and hassle. I showed your products to a friend who owns a professional restore shop. He was amazed at the quality & fit and plans to use your products at his shop.



This story came to us when we solicited feedback from our customers about the products we supplied. We did get a great deal of feedback that will make us and our products better and we really appreciate it. Bud’s feedback was as follows:

“I used your patch panels on a 72 chevelle (see pics). Your instructions were clear, and the panels worked great! Saved me MANY hours of fab time! I’d highly recommend to any restorer.

Great products, Thanks!


Cleveland, Ohio”

While we are perhaps tooting our own horn a bit, it brings to point something that differentiates us from most other patch panel suppliers – we provide detailed installation instructions so that the non-professional can install them in their shop. Great work Bud and we thank you for allowing us to use your pictures and story so that others can see how patch panels can be used to solve many different rust problems.