1970 Monte Carlo Rear Window Channels & Corners

Mitchell Blakeney and his son Woody Blakeney had a problem with their vinyl topped 1970 Monte Carlo – rust had gotten to the lower corners of the rear window, but the quarters were otherwise good. Of course the trunk filler panel was also involved, but they were able to purchase a reproduction of that, but needed a solution for the quarter corners and window channels. After discussing their situation with us we determined that their application was perfect for our window channel and quarter panel corner patches.

As you can see from the photos they shared, they carefully planned and executed the installation removing the bad metal, but keeping as much of the original panels as possible. In an afternoon the rust issues were resolved – certainly quicker and cheaper than hand-fabricating patches or re-quartering the car. Thanks to Mitchell and Woody for sharing pictures of their success and look forward to seeing their 1970 Monte Carlo in paint!