1969 Chevelle Windshield Channel

When it comes to tackling big projects like the restoration of a 1969 Chevelle with rust, it helps if you have a background in it. Allison Raffell’s uncle was a mechanic by trade and had his own shop which happened to be next door to her while growing up. She admits to sneaking in there to see what they were doing and soon found herself as the helper and a doer!

Nine years ago she bought this 1969 Chevelle and used it as a driver until a few years ago when she began to restore it. In another case of the too many times told story of it sitting in one shop waiting its turn she finally retrieved and sent to another shop, Allison didn’t give up! The car was re-quartered, but the roof skin was OK, so when it came to the windshield she turned to Belden Speed & Engineering for our 1968-1972 top windshield channels.

The top windshield channel in this 1969 was perforated with rust, but the roof skin itself was good, so the old one cut out and our new channels installed (6872-DSWLD & 6872-PSWLD). The car is now at the paint shop for the final piece of the puzzle ready to put into place. The plan is Hugger Orange and with a worked small block mated to a Turbo350 this Chevelle is something we’ll need to see when it’s done!