1967 Impala Windshield Rust Repair

Gerald Trivella of Westerville, OH has a 1967 Impala 4 door that had a rust problem in the top windshield channel as well as the driver side A-Pillar. He sent us an mail about it and after quoting him he purchased our RustReplace.com repair channels to go about getting his rust issues resolved.

The channels were sent to him and he had Leigh (Lee) Palko of Morrow County, OH cut out the rusted channels and weld in the new ones. As you can see, Lee did great work installing our factory-fit channels – follow along in the video!

Our channels are manufactured from CRS and come pre-primed with weld through primer, are pre-punched for plug welding and manufactured in our Virginia metal fabrication shop. Our products come with easy-to-follow installation instructions as well. We manufacture both windshield as well as rear window channel replacement channels and bottom quarter corners for GM cars 1964-1981. Why not head to our B-Body products page and check out our product details and pricing?