1968 Chevelle Windshield and Rear Window Rust Repair

And Here Is How It Looks Finished!

Kyle Williams of Degraff, OH was 14 when he first saw this 1968 Chevelle.  He’s 35 now and he never forgot it.  In 2020 Kyle was able to purchase it from the widow of the man who owned it and is set to bring it back for family cruising and car shows.  You see, this car is truly a family affair - Kyle is set on having his 3 kids (Walker (9), Dallas (7) and Harlie (9) be there the whole way as this Chevelle gets resurrected.

It’s a true 138 SS car, but unfortunately not numbers matching.  It currently has a 402 with closed chamber heads and a .530 lift cam.  The Edelbrock single plane has a 750 Holley on it now.  Originally Teal Blue, he’s thinking that keeping it Hugger Orange is the way he’ll go.

Kyle has taken if off frame and restored that and now has it back on it to get the body in shape.  As you can see, there is far more to do here than just the windows, but he contacted Belden Speed & Engineering to supply our RustReplace.com window channels and quarter corners.

Follow along with the video to see the great work Kyle and his “Overhaulin” team of Walker, Dallas and Harlie have done.  While there is much more to accomplish, they’ve done great work thus far.  We appreciate Kyle’s willingness to share his in-progress pictures as well as his decision to use our RusteReplace.com products. 

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