1973 Camaro Rear Window Rust

Jason Isakovic from San Jose, CA had always wanted a Second Generation Camaro and he found this early Second Gen (which turned out to be a true Z28!) project and made it his. The paint code 97 was a bonus as orange is his favorite color even though it’s currently a “crudely repainted 1980’s Van Halen/Earl Schieb yellow” it won’t stay that way forever.

His plans are to transform it back into a daily driver and remove the 350/Turbo400 and replace it with a 454/4-speed. Before the mechanical work he is getting the body in shape and had a rear window rust issue to resolve.

He contacted RustReplace.com and ordered the rear window channel set to resolve the rust that made its home in the rear window channels. Jason did a great job removing the rusted channels and welding in the new ones and this car is now ready for the next phase!

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