1972 Camaro Rear Window Rust

Landon Smith of Richmond, VA has a 1972 Camaro with a window rust problem. Landon isn’t alone by any means and he chose Belden Speed & Engineering’s RustReplace.com repair channels to solve his problem. He began with the rear window as we shipped him the quarter and roof channels. He was kind enough to send us some pictures of his roof channel installation (quarter channels are next!) which you see here.

Following our written instructions (included with each order), Landon is doing great work resolving his rust issues. Since he sent these pictures Landon has ordered the windshield repair channels as well and we are looking forward to seeing the progress on those too.

Got window channel rust? Perhaps we can be of help – why not head to our Camaro or Firebird page and click around? We manufacture window channel rust repair solutions for GM A, B, F & X body platforms 1964-1981. Prices and details are there!