1968-72 Chevelle Rear Window Rust

Blake Bryan of Galt, CA had a window rust problem in his A-Body and purchased our RustReplace.com window channels, quarter edges and rear window bottom quarter corners as opposed to fabricating the patches himself. He was kind enough to share pictures of his installation and, as you can see, he did a great job.

Our patches are oversized and are designed to be cut to fit only the rusted area that needs to be removed – preserving as much OEM metal as possible. Once welded into place the result is a much faster repair and when compared to re-skinning, or re-quartering much cheaper as well.

Why not save the hassle of fabricating patches and leave that to us – it’s what we do! Details of the product line and pricing are at our easy-to-navigate website at www.rustreplace.com. Oh yes, there is plenty of good FREE technical information there as well. Thank you Blake Bryan for your business and sharing your work.