Our Story

RustReplace.com is a Belden Speed & Engineering Company that is focused on USA-made rust repair solutions for early 1960’s to early 1970’s American muscle cars.  What began as making a few pieces for the restoration of a 1970 Chevelle in the Belden Speed & Engineering restoration shop has explosively grown into a stand-alone business shipping to a global clientele in just 5 short years. 

We manufacture and sell directly all of our components from our Virginia metal fabrication shop.  Our window channel product line is by far the most extensive in the automotive restoration business.  We currently manufacture windshield and rear window channels and surrounding patches for GM A-Body, B-Body, F-Body and X-Body cars from 1964 – 1974.  In addition to our line of metal repair components, we stock a full selection of trim clip studs and trim clips as well as glass setting supplies for putting your car back together after restoration.

Our company is unconventional in that we have leveraged today's technology to offer unsurpassed customer service via the internet.  We have no set office hours; we can be reached 7 days a week and most hours of the day and evening.  You should and can expect a quick response from us – most times in minutes for any email inquiry. 

You should also expect integrity and honesty – our products do not work in all rust cases which is why we strongly suggest that you email us pictures of your rust.  Further, we’ll also let you know what we feel is your best alternative – this comes from our restoration experience.  There are times the best alternative is to use a competitor’s product and we’ll even provide the parts numbers for you to purchase elsewhere (we sell only what we manufacture).

So do take the time to wander around our website, it is constantly evolving and we strive to add new products and technical information to help in the restoration of your American muscle car.

Questions?  Email us now at sales@rustreplace.com